e-Bus in Klagenfurt


As the Stadtwerke Klagenfurt Group focuses on low-emission transportation, an e-bus is now driving on the streets of Klagenfurt which has been purchased within the CEMOBIL project. The bus is emission-free and silent and is operated on line 43 between Heiligengeistplatz and the University of Applied Sciences.

Low-floor entrances ensure barrier-free and comfortable boarding, for strollers and wheelchair users enough floor space is available opposite the second door. The core of the e-bus is a 120 kW, 4-pole asynchronous motor with an engine torque of 1400 Nm and the lithium-ion-batteries. They ensure a smooth and stage less acceleration to 50km/h as common in inner-city traffic. The batteries do not only facilitate the acceleration, but also supply all other systems in the bus like air conditioning, heating, power assisted steering and door control. All these systems which are usually supplied by compressors in conventional combustion engine busses are equipped with electric solutions. Due to the environmental friendliness of the bus, the air quality of Klagenfurt is improved. The bus driver uses a touch screen at his disposal which shows amongst the most important data also information about the electrical system and the battery charging status. The touch screen allows regulation of the heating and also other driving functions. Due to this intelligent system the bus driver can concentrate on driving the bus.

The basic idea to purchase the bus is based on reducing CO2 in urban areas. The bus drives agile without any sound through narrow and crowded streets without emitting any harmful exhausts. Due to these circumstances this vehicle is the first of its kind and also unique in Europe.