Project Goals

CEMOBIL in summary

The aim of the project was to achieve a significant reduction in air pollutants and CO2 emissions in the city centre of Klagenfurt on Lake Wörthersee by increasing the share of electric cars to 10% of all new registrations.

The goal was to have at least 1,500 E-cars driving around Klagenfurt on Lake Wörthersee by 2015. The electricity was provided from renewable sources of energy in the form of eco-power vouchers. The acquisition of private E-vehicles was encouraged by special business models.


4 strategic targets for E-mobility in Klagenfurt

- air pollution control

- climate protection

- noise reduction

- innovation


 Specific targets of CEMOBIL until 2015

- 1,900t CO2, 6t NOx and 0.25t particulate matter less per year
- compliance with the N02 limit values (40 µg/m3 as an annual value) in the city centre
- 10% share of E-vehicles of all new registrations
- at least 1,500 E-vehicles
- 100% eco-power: at least 3800 MWh
- Klagenfurt as a test region for the new E-cars


Project output:

Technical output:

35 E-passenger cars

2 Utility vehicles

10 E-micro cars

10 E-Scooters

10 E-bikes

1 E-bus

1 solar boat

50 public and 50 private charging stations, 1 self-sufficient PV charging station

General output:

3800 MWh eco-power vouchers, 3 PPP-models, marketing concepts, media campaigns, info days, information material, life cycle analysis, air quality and noise measurements, future scenarios, recommendations on road safety, user manual, site visits, website, newsletter, layman’s report, and an international congress