Test vehicles

The test vehicles that were used were exclusively production or near-production electric vehicles (passenger cars, scooters and pedelecs). This ensured their suitability from a technological point of view for everyday use.

Also after the end of the project, interested people have the opportunity to test e-cars (brand: Nissan LEAF).

For administration and insurance, a fee of € 90,- per week is charged for a passenger car.

Registration: +43 463 537 4891

For evaluation, each test driver was required to fill in a questionnaire. 

The Microcar BIRO was, as a graduation project of the Klagenfurt Higher Technical College (HTL) Moessingerstrasse, converted to a WLAN-steered E-car.
The aim of the project was to develop a remotely controlled  E-car, which is equipped with cameras and a WLAN module, and which can be steered from a nearby technical centre.

Possible applications:

e.g.: for shuttle services or return trips of rental vehicles at airports, hospitals, public buildings, etc.

E-scooters, E-bikes

In the course of the CEMOBIL project, ten E-scooters and ten E-bikes were made available to test families by the project partner Stadtwerke Klagenfurt on 25 Sept. 2011.

Selected families tested the new E-vehicles until the end of October 2011 and then report on their experience. Further on it was possible to rent them during summer season.






In 2011, Carintha was chosen to be the exclusive test region for the brand-new compact vehicle series Mercedes e-Cell. Fourteen of the total of 15 vehicles were contributed to the CEMOBIL project by IAM. Thus, Klagenfurt is in the very best company with cities such as New York, Berlin and Amsterdam. After all, Mercedes has produced no more than 500 cars for the time being. With this test, Carinthia has risen up into the premiere league of electro-mobility. This grand success including all results was incorporated into and accompany the CEMOBIL project, thus leveraging numerous synergies.
The past test months proved above all one thing: family-friendly E-cars do work and are fun to drive.
The test-A class has a power output of 50 kW and reaches a top speed of more than 150 km/h. The battery range is 120 kilometres in winter and over 180 kilometres in summer.