CEMOBIL - a five-year project ended successfully||en

  • The already existing network of green power charging stations will continue operating via a billing system, will be publicly accessible and provided with green power as in the past and further developed if possible and as required.
  • The legal obligation for property developers in Carinthia to provide for electricity charging stations in new building projects will remain in effect.
  • Some of the e-test vehicles, pedelecs and scooters which were acquired in the context of the project will be offered for sale at their residual value or will remain in service in the fleets operated by the City of Klagenfurt and the Land of Carinthia, as required.
  • The e-bus and the e-solar boat will continue their regular service and should pioneer the purchase of additional e-vehicles for public transport.
  • Environmental monitoring in the city centre will be continued to observe and document trends.
  • The mobility concept will be further developed.
  • The traffic ban in Burggasse will remain in force except for e-vehicles and so will their exemption from parking fees.
  • Unless an Austrian-wide or an EU-wide standardised labelling of e-vehicles is introduced, the environmental label will continue to be distributed and will be reprinted if necessary.
  • The models for promoting the acquisition of e-vehicles will be offered as a favourable alternative to purchasing them also after the project’s end with the aim of further increasing the share of e-vehicles in total new registrations.
  • The self-sufficient PV plant at Klagenfurt’s public utility company will remain in operation.
  • The PV plant in Viktring, which was coupled initially with the funding model, will continue operating.
  • The e-car sharing system introduced in Klagenfurt is being continued.
  • The Carinthian government has started converting its fleet of vehicles on a large-scale, and so has Klagenfurt’s public utility, which intends to operate e-vehicles, too.
  • The municipality of Klagenfurt adds another 7 CEMOBIL test vehicles to its fleet, so that the number of e-vehicles in the city’s fleet now totals 13 e-vehicles.
  • The Land of Carinthia uses 4 Mercedes E-Cell cars for internal purposes, and the 2 Renault Kangoos that have been acquired are used by Klagenfurt’s utility company STW, in particular by its lighting technicians and fitters.

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CEMOBIL - a five-year project ended successfully||en